It’s A Whole New World With Hearing Aids

Navigate Any Listening Environment With Modern Hearing Aids.

Modern hearing aids have drastically improved in the past 15 years. Manufacturers no longer focus on battery size, unit size or connectivity, because they’ve already climbed that mountain. Instead, modern units are focused on adaptability, AI-assisted environmental learning, and active users like you. 

Audiologists Find the Best Solutions for You—Because One Size Doesn’t Fit All. 

No two hearing losses are created equal and understanding what option is most appropriate can be a complex endeavor.  Our expert doctoral staff is here to educate you and guide you through the process. Given the complexities of hearing loss, sizes and shapes of ears and lifestyle differences, what may work for one individual may not for the next. Our audiologists are dedicated to finding the best hearing solution for you.

Providing Specialized Help For Individualized Treatment

1. Identifying Your Needs

Before we perform a physical exam and hearing assessment, we want to learn about you. What’s your lifestyle like? What activities do you do, and where do you spend time doing them? Are there any activities you have given up due to inability to hear? 

The right treatment plan, which may include hearing aids, addresses your individual needs. Your life is multi-faceted, and so is your listening environment; we recommend models that meet your changing needs head-on.

2. Recommending the Latest Models

After we’ve analyzed your test results, we’ll discuss appropriate solutions. We work with all major hearing aid manufacturers and each model has its own set of pros and cons. What do they have in common? They all meet current FDA regulations for medical devices. They are very different from anything that would be purchased as a “hearable” or “listening device” without the support of a medical professional and individualized programming. 

3. Professional Ongoing Support

Hearing aids are just the beginning of your journey.  North Shore Audio-Vestibular Lab is dedicated to providing the highest quality hearing healthcare. We participate in ongoing continuing education to assure proficiency in the latest hearing aid technology and serve on multiple national and international boards, helping to shape best practices worldwide.

We also value the importance of ongoing support and counseling for you and your family to assist you in acclimating to your new hearing device. The world is full of sounds; we’re here to help you hear them all. 

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